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Warped Times: Pres3nt is a story platform game where you will follow the story of two characters facing the darkness.

Game is divided in levels where your goal is to connect two pieces of stone. Each level has two worlds, between which you can switch by special buttons. Most of the time, each piece of stone is in different world, but you can move them into another world by teleports.

What can you expect?

  • 42 story levels with large variety in 5 different environments
  • Many special and secret levels
  • Many abilities for your characters
  • Action-based gameplay with boss fights
  • Possibility of finding new informations about the story
  • A lot of achievements, optional challenges and Easter eggs
  • Impressive game soundtrack
  • And much more!

Install instructions

To play the game, simply extract it and run Warped Times 3.exe. No installers!

The game is available in two languages, English and Czech.

If you like it, please consider supporting us on our website, as we are a small team, and this game and all of its future content is provided completely for free.

Donating at least $1 will give you access to special statues in the Hall of Heroes as well as a hidden area in a bonus Warp Room, where you can see a short clip from the development of the game.

We hugely appreciate all support!


Warped Times Pres3nt v1.4 117 MB

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